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Since 1948

Center City, Minnesota

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Miscellaneous Album

Photos From Around the Midway

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Getting Started...

Our trucks lined up waiting for a show.

Spring doesn't always mean nice weather.

Our summertime homes on wheels.
People Around the Midway

The Boss and webmaster have a quick meeting.

Some of the crew stops for a photo.

The road crew of 2009.

The corn dog girls hard at work.

Jim poses on the Ferris Wheel.

Shotgun Dave running the Tilt.

Megster working in the Corn Dog trailer.

Wayne is ready to open the Sizzler.

David preps the Tic-Tac-Toe game.

Marvin and Theresa are ready
to make the Mini Donuts.
RIP Marvin Berry 1938-2018
We Sometimes Have Time for Fun

We played in the Bruce Sellner Memorial
Golf Tournament, July 1998.

The girls went for a ride on the Tilt.

The crew takes a ride on the Pirate Ship.

Becky and Molly were afraid of the car ride!


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