Stipe Shows

Since 1948

Blaine, Minnesota

MSA Member

"Our Business is Fun"



August 30, 1926 - August 24, 2007
In Loving Memory of
Mary Edward Stipe

Mary was dearly beloved by all who crossed her path. She was curious, brave, smart, sassy, a gentle free spirit. She kept her heart filled with faith, believed in the truth of children. Worried about small creatures in winter storms and found good in everyone.

 - The Stipe Family

The Show Owner's Prayer

O my God, I believe in You. I trust in You, I thank You for all of my blessings; I love You and ask forgiveness for all my sins. Guide and protect me and all those dear to me. Make me mindful of my privilege as a show woman to bring joy and happiness to all people, especially the poor, the lonely, the less fortunate.

And when my last act on earth is completed and when the last ticket is sold, take me to Yourself to be happy with You forever. Amen.


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